fraud marriage penalty in canada?

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Subject: fraud marriage penalty in canada?
Don´t Canada have some sort of penalty for the Canadians that are conducting fraud marriage for immigration purposes ? ie. jail-time, fine $, etc??
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yes, every legitimate Canadian sponsor gets to take out their frustration on you. (and trust me, they are ticked) There are also legal ramifications but the CIC website can give you the specifics.
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though cases are not investigated very much, rest assured that anything is possible. Check out this story:

With me, I have been waiting for over an year, but my time is coming soon. I feel that, in 6 more months, my case will be investigated and she will be deported. anything is possible...if u wrote a letter to immigration and show them clear indications or evidence, I don[´t see why not. They may not meet with you and interview you, so it is best to have all the details in writing. just write summary, no big novels, with the important details/proof.

I want to help marriage fraud victims, with their cases, so email me at I´d like to put a stop to this once and for good, so please send me any related news, articles, links, or referrals.

mr patel
citizenship and immigration (in reply to: fraud marriage penalty in canada?)
since my partner obtained the PR card, he started to break the bond and rapport and trust of the relationship..he leaves the house and pays nothing to the family..he applied for citizenship in march 2011 and has left the country and will come back to obtain it, how can i stop him from getting it or deport him....he abused me in 2008 right after the PR card!
Ayesha Ahamd
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what happened in 2008 means nothing if you never reported it to the police when it happened. He was not under any obligation to pay anything to the family - YOU were the one that sponsored him and took financial responsibility for him.

Now the relationship is falling apart. I am sure you are angry - but there is nothing you can do to get him deported or stop him from getting his citizenship. His citizenship qualification are between him and the government of Canada.

I trust that you have filed for divorce.

marriage fraud (in reply to: fraud marriage penalty in canada?)
I have sponsored a fat asshole pig from Pakistan as a husband. I got married in April 2006. I had waited 5 years for him to come here. When I lived with him in Pakistan he was very kind and sweet to me. Since he became a Permanent Resident of Canada, he started ignoring me and took off without notifying me. That fat pig used me to come to Canada.
Fatima Ahmad
OH ALL THOSE TERRIBLE PEOPLE (in reply to: fraud marriage penalty in canada?)
Why didn´t you guys marry another canadian like you? reality is that you may be up to the expectations of another canadian. This society has become so fucked up that people end up isolated and full of expectations that are hard to comply with. This is the reason why people end up in a fake marriage.
Just think of the thousands of dollars you may end up spending.
Try plastic surgery in a 3rd World country, go to the gym to loose those pounds, pay for some Yoga classes so you can become a fake positive person. You have the choices right here. It is not necessary to be part of a fake marriage.

marriage fraud? (in reply to: fraud marriage penalty in canada?)
What about marriage fraud between Canadians? My ex a god old farm boy drunk exploited me and the money and assets too.Stop Marriage fraud between Canadians!!! Or get the government totally out of marriages and our bedrooms.
deportation rules (in reply to: fraud marriage penalty in canada?)
I know a Canadian born man who has sponsored his wife to Canada. She has been here for 4 months now. There is great suspicion that she has married him under false pretense (married to come to Canada). She is causing a deal of family problems. If the family and husband would like to deport here (send back to India), what are the steps? What the dangers?
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how come New Zealand does not investigate marriage fraud as a common wealth state .I have been trying for four years to have my fathers nightmare of a marriage investigated .he met her when he got off the plane only months after my mum died of cancer .these women just target vulnerable lonely men .she has now sold my mums house as my father has died .I hate this country now as they just let her rip him off . she was so dodgy it wasn´t funny and we never believed a thing she told him or us . she was asking for money upfront because her house had burned down and she was homeless .why did she need this money when she knew her intention was to come here and he owned his own home and some land .that´s what made him a target ,she destroyed what was left of my family and she lives happily ever after and we are a mess . yet letters to the now government to investigate fall on deaf ears .in fact I just feel worse than ever .

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