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  hi ...
just a little interuption...
.. I want to apply under conjugal partner.. I have a job offer to canada... I have a relationship with my boyfriend but I?m married already...
Divorce is not permitted in my country... I?m in not in good relationship with my husband now... Can I apply for conjugal partner?
I difficult it is?


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If your in Canada the new Public Policy will allow that you submit such an application.

I had a Filipino (sp) client who was married with a child back home. He was also in a CL relationship in Canada. His CL spouse was approved within two weeks of submission and he/she would be willing to write you about this because I think your from the same country.

If you find the Operational Memo 18 publishned on September 24 2005 the details are in there.

Typical government they make an annoucement in mid Feb. 2005 on Public Policy for marriages of persons out of status and do not create the regulations for the officers to follow until late Sept. 2005!!

Wish U Luck


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