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Subject: London - Family Class (Spouse) Timeline

Just wanted to share my timeline and get feedback on anyone who has applied for permanent residence in Family Class (Spouse)in UK since Jan 2004.


1. 31 Jan 2004 - Sponsorship, permanent residence and medical submitted to CPC Mississauga.

2. 9 March 2004 - Sponsorship approved.

3. 22 March 2004 - AOR of permanent residence application received from CHC London.

4. 7 March 2006 - Security interview held at CHC London.

I have made several status requests since Sept 2004 and received standard response - routine background checks ongoing, no further information available.

Anyone else waiting since 2004 in Family Class? Does length of wait signify outcome, i.e. long wait = negative outcome; short wait = positive outcome?

Am thinking about CAIPS/visa file request, but do not want to prejeudice application.

Welcome views on other options available.


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