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Subject: Mixed Signals
  I have been getting mixed signals from CIC. My medical expired almost two years ago. E-cas never shows "medical results have been received". I contacted CIC last week regarding the medical and they told me that when the BG check is over, they would send me new medical forms.

When I checked my e-cas today it shows for the first time "medical results have been received"!!! What could that possibly mean?

Is there anyone who has experienced the same thing? I am really confused.

Any suggestion?

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Take it as a sign from God above: Don´t go to Canada. You´ll always be poor there

No real jobs for new immigrants. Try USA.

Canadian lawyers lie about this.

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Globe and Mail [Canada´s best known newspaper] July 11, 2006 "Canada NOT welcoming to immigrants, study finds"

Don´t be fooled by Canadian immigration consultants

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Your PPR is on its way.
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