guys...please give me advices....

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Subject: guys...please give me advices....
  Good day,everyone.

About two months ago,I did my medical and waiting another news now.

When do I expect a letter from consulate?(about ppr~)

Here is my timeline.

2004.12 :Applied to Buffalo -skilled worker category~
2005.3 : AOR
2006.1.28:Transfer to Detroit
2006.5.19 :Got letter from Detroit about interview waived & medical test

2006.6.24 : Medical test

2006.7.15:Doc sent it medical result to Ottawa

Please...please give me your advices....

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I´m in the same boat!
Buffalo , since May 2004
Updated meds July 2006
Reached Ottawa July 17 2006
Just waiting!

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It took me 3 months after medicals.. to receive PPR
thank you! (in reply to: guys...please give me advices....)
Thank you,Samusa!
It will take average 2 or 3 months.....hmm.
Oh!and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vero...It seems like...we have to wait more..

I hope that long trip will be end soon.:)

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