Landing and addition of child - Part III (To Roy)

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Subject: Landing and addition of child - Part III (To Roy)
  Dear Roy,
Please refer to the previous related thread before you read this. I appreciate your help, and I am not asking you to say anything illegal here, but I think you misunderstood me, and I think you are trying too hard to make me sound like someone who is trying to bend the rules. Please read my posts (whenever you are ready to use lower case letters again on a regular basis) again, and lets get this straight for once, I "do not" want to deliver the kid in Canada (I never mentioned it in my post that I?m exploring the option to deliver in Canada, you must have confused it with others postings, anyway, nevermind), and if you have a issue with it, I?m sorry, you will have to deal with it.

But when I do move to Canada (next year) I would want to move with my kid, so I will be sponsoring my kid before we move, once again I mention, this has absolutely nothing to do with childbirth (I?m sure its a wonderful experience, and you must have enjoyed cutting chords etc) I don?t know why does it sound very complicated, but it sure seems really simple to me, so I?ll ask one last time before giving up....

If I am a Canadian PR living in USA, can I sponsor my newborn (who was born in the USA) from within USA ? OR do I have to be in Canada to sponsor my kid ?

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Its really a stupid question and if you had any common sense you wouldn´t be even asking this question. So I am not even going to tell you the answer!
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unless I am missing something, you either add your child to your application before landing, or go inside Canada and sponsor the child.

Unless someone knows something I don´t - you cannot sponsor anyone if you are outside the country.

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Hallelujah !!!
Thanks Sharon, someone finally understands my plight and my question.... and your answer corresponds to what I had found out on the CIC website FAQ´s but I had to ask for opinions from other immigrants (no matter how dumb it sounds !! LOL) so that I can be sure about it.

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You were already told that you can not sponsor while being a PR outside of Canada. No CBSA officer would not allow a breast feeding mother to bring her infant into Canada either.

What no one understands is why sis you apply for permanet residency, get approved, then not move to Canada?

Being a male I will not say giving birth is no big deal.

What I do not understand is why go through the whole hassel of sponsoring the child and waiting possibly a year and risking your PR that every one else on this forum is tired of waiting for.

You will not move to Canada next year with the kid if you do it legally you will stay until your child is two or older because you will not be seperated from your child will you?


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Actually, once I inform the CIC about the birth of the baby, they will send me the medical forms for the kid, and then we will send those forms back along with the application for sponsoring the kid with the landing fee for the kid etc.
The CIC will then send another PPR request for all of us (if all requirements are met) and then I´ll be in the same situation that I am now, only difference, the kid will be included in the application, and then I would have to land only once.

As far as your question as why not move to Canada ASAP, I have to say that CIC gives new immigrants the option to gradually move to a new country from their current residence (2 out of 5 yrs to maintain residency which I think makes the most sense), and it will take atleast an year for me to make the necessary arrangements before I move to Canada.

In your world though, the moment you land and get the PR, you cannot leave the country again, and I don´t think I can justify that. If that was the sane thing to do, I would like to see the CIC imposing it on the new immigrants.


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And Oh by the way, Roy, please direct me to your post where you had oh so clearly mentioned that being a "PR" (I´ll be looking for those letters) you cannot sponsor from outside Canada.

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Whether Roy said to Raj this or that matters none now. You simply can not sponsor anyone while being outside Canada and not be even PR. As I said, nothing matters now. You can do whatever crap you feel right. I am The Right Man so i will say pass the slot to someone who is actually eager to move to Canada. But then again you can´t do that either.... CIC won´t let you depute someone else in your place.
The Right Man
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I love people who think they know the regulations. Like Sharon said if you are landed & do not reside in Canada when the baby is born in the US you can not sponsor your baby. If you claim at a POE that you are bring the child into Canada while processing for PR the CBSA is obliged to refuse the baby entry as a visitor. Again a visitor is someone seeking entry for a temporary period of time.

Who calls their future baby a KID?

Is this another attempt at a trick question?

Definition of Sponsor as per the Regulations

130. (1) Subject to subsection (2), a sponsor, for the purpose of sponsoring a foreign national who makes an application for a permanent resident visa as a member of the family class or an application to remain in Canada as a member of the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class under subsection 13(1) of the Act, must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who

(a) is at least 18 years of age;

(b) resides in Canada; and

(c) has filed a sponsorship application in respect of a member of the family class or the spouse or common-law partner in Canada class in accordance with section 10.

You also have it WRONG about time out of Canada. Its not two years its 730 days out of five years.

R U the same Raj who asked if you did not have enough settlement funds would they let you land as long as the funds are close?


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Regulation 130 subsection two if you still think your knowledgable.

Sponsor not residing in Canada

(2) A sponsor who is a Canadian citizen and does not reside in Canada may sponsor an application referred to in subsection (1) by their spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner or dependent child who has no dependent children if the sponsor will reside in Canada when the applicant becomes a permanent resident.


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I don´t think it is a trick question but rather a question that is getting far too much energy by someone that does not like the answers.

all the rules are pretty clear and any questions about ´what ifs´ are only answered the moment you are faced with them - there is nobody here smart enough or stupid enough to make a blanket statement that will. Nobody here is CIC or the border officer.