Candian Vist Visa for me and my wife

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Subject: Candian Vist Visa for me and my wife
  Hi Friends!!

I appriciate your help to all the folks who come here.

I am an Indian citizen and on B1 in USA and my I 94 is valid till 28th Sept´06. I am planning to go back to India on 28th Sept´06.

Before I leave I wish to apply for Canadian Visit visa for me and my wife. My Wife is in India. Is it possible to get visa for her? so that i can go back to India and take her along with me for honeymoon, we recently got married and i have to leave her within a week to fly to usa.

The reason i wish to apply in US for me and my wife is that i belive that the visa granted here are quick and doesnt take much time.

All the comments and help is appriciated.


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