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  Hi...just want to get this straight. If you "live" in any country for 6 months or more, you are required to submit a police/background check for you PR application. Does "living" in a country include traveling in a country as a tourist, on a tourist visa, if the total time spent in that country (over several years) is more than 6 months???

If yes, does anyone know how to approach this for Indonesia? The CIC website (and every other website on this topic I´ve found) only addresses what to do if you worked or studied there...so I wonder. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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From what I understand you only need to submit the police check for that country in which you have stayed for more than 6-months only. The culmative time over several years would not count unless you stayed in that country for longer than 6-months in one go. Hope this helps!
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