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Subject: Regarding canadian police check
  Hi there,


I have lived in Canada for 2 years. Now I want to apply for immigration for australia. This is not a specific question for australian immigration but a specific question for canadian police clearence.

Now I regret for doing some bad things in Canada. I was studying my bachelors degree in Canada. But in the middle I had severe health problem and also severe financial problem due to my health problem.
As I have to leave my studies in between, wont be getting back the money I spent.

So due to the above reasons I was compelled to do the following things:

1) I have taken money out of my credit cards and dint repay them.
Also deposited some blank cheques and drawn money.
2) I have also taken some store credit cards and also dint repay them.

I have done the above before going back to my home country that is in approximately 4 months back.

Now my question is , Do the banks or the stores inform the police about the situation?

Is it a crime ?

If it is a crime what do they do? If it is not what do they do?

Can I go and get my police clearence certificate without any problem?

Please answer the questions as early as possible and as accurate as possible.

Depending on your answers I might ask few more questions.

Thankyou for your time.


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The chances of any charges being laid against you is low, you know you shouldn´t have done that but highly unlikely charges have been laid.


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The only thing I´d question is:

"Also deposited some blank cheques and drawn money"

Depending on what you did, exactly, that could be considered fraud. But, unless you´ve been formally charged...

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Hi FWChelle,

I would like to explain you about the cheques.

My daily clearence amount is 1500.
If I deposit a cheque more than that the amount (1500), the excess will be on hold.

I will explain what is the clearence amount.

For example,

If I deposit a cheque of 3000, I can withdraw an amount of 15oo irrespective of wether there is money or not in the account from which the cheque is written and the amount more than 1500 is on hold.

So, what I did is I have deposited a cheque for 1500 dollars and took the cash and since the release amount is 1500 there is no hold on any amount. I did the same for 3 times. Since, the chques are from different bank,It will be takin 5 days to clear and by that time I am out of the country.

So, is this fraud? I am not charged formally since I am out of the country.

Will the bank report to the police ? Even I checked the bank account online and it is still accessible.

Please reply as early as possible.



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It is not criminal offence. All you got is bad credit history. It is not related to immigration.
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I agree, in most cases having bad credit history is not a criminal offence, unless you partake in money laundering or fraud.

Why did you have to spend a lot of money on healthcare related issues, isn´t that supposed to be very inexpensive out there ?

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