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Subject: recieved a letter from Please advice
  i just recieved a letter from canadian consulate general La office as my file was tranferred to LA 3 months ago.

(This concerns your application for admission to Canada. In order to continue to assess your application, we ask you that please submit the following documents:

Please provide proof that your MBA qualification meets the definition of ?education credential?, meaning it was issued by an educational or training institution recognized by the authorities responsible for registering, accrediting, supervising and regulating such institution in Pakistan

We are giving you 60 days from the date of this letter to comply. If we do not hear from you within the time frames given, we shall conclude your application based on the information available to us)?.

That was the letter that I received today my question is that I done my MBA from a private University but it is recognize by the Pakistan government any body can check through web site should I fax them a web page of where it has the name of universities that are recognized by the authorities Dept. that would be enough or i need some thing more please advice

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If it is a government accredited they will accept this proof. So ask yr institute to provide some proof besides printing the web page. Also please send a copy in mail do just fax. They said submit not fax.
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Another thing you can do is get your education evaluated by WES or some big organization, I think they also have expedited evaluations for a price.
Good luck !

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