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Subject: form IMM 5490 (additional details question)
  on this form it says "on a separate sheet of paper, provide any additional details of your current relationship that you believe would help to prove your relationship is genuine an continuing."

my wife and i are currently a little confused by this question as to what sort of details would help ´prove´ our relationship. do they want details of opening joint bank accounts, receipts of wedding rings, etc etc or are they looking for something like our future plans (saving up for house, other financial agreements, planning of children, etc).

please advise! thank you

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This is the most important question of the whole application and if your doing an outside of Canada spousal sponsorship both of you have the same question.

What they want is a story why the other person is special and why you think they are the one. You should include hopes and dreams for the future or how you see your lives in five years. Since it will be read by someone who is probably married you should include a tiny little comment of what you hope you can change in the other person.

Your partner should never be protrayed as if he/she walks on water. You can start by saying you do not even understand the question or putting down your feelings on paper are difficult for you to do.

They know people marry opposites so you can talk how he/she is different and that makes your life easier etc. etc.

It should be a page and a quarter in 12 font.

I strongly suggest you do not let your partner read it but let a close friend read it to ascertain if it sounds like you.


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why its only 2pages and back to back questionares my husband got only. i check the immigration website its about 6 pages, is that same? by im working under live in caregiver program.


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To fill up empty application form imm5490
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