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Subject: british driving licence valid
I have been lucky enough to get a work visa for 3 years (Vancouver)and would like to know how long my british driving licence is valid for?
Also is it easy to change to a canadian licence i.e do i have to take a theory test only.
many thanks.

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British Driving License is valid as an international Drivers License to drive in Canada for 1 yr, unfortunately u cant convert into canadian Drivers license you will need to do the theory test as well as pass the practical test inorder to obtain Canadian Drivin license, for further information and clarification please contact the BC Drivers License Assoc
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Ontario, I believe, will allow exchange of British drivers licence with proper documentation. See link:

BC may be different.

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I am coming to canada for 3 weeks, can I drive the car in toronto on british driving licence. Kindly let me know on my email.. Waiting for ur response..




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