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Subject: Passed assessment, what's next? (Singapore)

I submitted (to CHC in Singapore) my application for PR in Jun 2004.
I received a letter on 26 Oct 2006 confirming that I met the pass mark of 67 of the assessment.

In the letter, it says that the next stage will be to ".....demonstrate that you and any dependents are admissble to Canada. admissibility requires financial, medical, security and criminal screening of your application." It also says that i will be issued medical instructions sometime in 2007.

For interview, the letter says that "if called to interview, you are expected to appear...." No estimated time given.

So anybody in Singapore received the same letter? what is the progress after that? how long will it takes?

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In my opinion, the letter you have received is pretty much self explanatory.


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Hi, I applied for PR through the Singapore office in early 2001. I cannot recall the exact wait period except that I obtained PR status in June 2003. They will write to you if they need any further documents or if they need to interview you. If you pass the interview, they will send you for a medical examination. I waited for almost 2 years to get to the interview stage. Things moved very quickly after the interview and medical examination (provided you pass). I got the PR 6 months after the interview.

I do have one advice though. Try not to hurry them by contacting them directly unless they ask you to do so. Patience is the key. Meanwhile, you should try to network with friends, relatives, professional contacts who are in Canada, let these people know you intend to move here. Talk to them about living and working in Canada. If you are looking for employment, ask them to keep you in mind. If you are starting a business, it is also good to start laying some foundations.

Hope this helps.

Ivy Tan
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Thanks everybody for the advice. Yes, I think I should start the networking as soon as possible.

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What is your Canada PR status now? I just recv letter from CHC asking to go for interview? Do you mind sharing what is the interview stage like?

Lynda Tan
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