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Subject: Help Needed in filling out Application form
  Can any onw tell me how are the schooling years definded? I mean in the form they ask:
1. years in elementary/ primary school.
2. years in secondary/ high school.
3. university/ college.
4. trade school or any post secondary school.
I have total 21 years of education. How does it fit into above four categories. I did:
1. Schooling upto 12th standard.
2. attended university as undergrade (BS) for 3 years.
3. attended university as grade (MS) for 2 years.
3. atteded university as post grade (PhD) 4 years.
However, I dont have any trade school courses.
How many years goes in :
1. elemenatry/ primary school
2. secondary/ high school
3. university/ college
Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Gagan :)

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hey doc, if you couldn´t figure out, what you expect us to do?
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