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Subject: immigration scandale in news paper
i have read in the news this week that people marie their sister or their mother based on paper to sponsor them to comme in canada. how that possible. does immigration cancel those persons citizenship or permament residency if they find out they lie? i am curious. this may affect other applicants.
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This is what you´re referring to

When the government deliberately increases skilled worker processing times in excess of 500% in a decade yet the provinces in partnership with the federal government can process an identical application in an average of 8 months some people cheat.

Getting a PNP certificate when you´re in a country that is very difficult to obtain a Canadian visitor visa from to access an offer of employment the playing field is not equal as stipulated in IRPA 3 (3) (d)

Sorry my morning rant.


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You want to come that way you are welcome

immigration have no time to investigate once you become pr

once you are permanaet resident you are ok and no body can deport citizen so its a qustion of 3 yeara
Have to be carefull with divorce and repsoner proeces

Best of luck


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