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My father applied for canadian immigration through the enterprenuer class. We (the whole family) was approved and we all landed in Canada.

Due to several mistakes in the application process, it took us almost 7 years to get final approval. The problem now is that my father is unable to open up a business and satisfy the conditions of the enterprenuer immigration due to age (he is not 63) and health (heart problems including a triple bypass open heart surgery and two stints).

The interm period of 3 years will end in 2008, and my understanding is that our immigration approval will be revoked then.

My questions are as follows:
1. Are there any waivers for the enterprenur conditions?
2. Can I (who qualify as an economical worker class) seperate myself from thier application and start a new immigration application?
3. would my brother (now in university) be able to continue his studies before the immigration application gets revoked?


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Hands on management can mean several things but does not mean he has to do physical labour there is always a way around the rules and regulations.


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