PR received for common law spouse - then marrying?

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Subject: PR received for common law spouse - then marrying?
  I am Cdn Citizen living in Switzerland. I have a common law spouse who is British. My job will move me to Canada September 2007. I am applying for PR status for common law spouse and are about to submit forms to Mississauga (for sponsor evaluation) who will then forward the package to Paris.

We will leave Switzerland in June 2007. In July 2007, we will be married in the United Kingdom. We will then travel the world for 2 months and arrive in Canada in August 2007. The question is. If the PR is approved prior to leaving Switzerland (which is anticipated). What impact on the visa would the wedding in UK have? I.e, she will go from Common Law Spouse to actual spouse.

We will actually be going to Paris immediately afte the wedding and so all legal forms could be submitted to the embassy on arrival.

Could this plan be seriously compromised by the change in status from Common Law to married?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Common law and married applications use exactly the same paperwork i.e. they´re under the same category (after all, if you´re married, you´re obviously cohabiting). I don´t think getting married would be a problem as it´s just strengthening your relationship, although obviously your partner´s status will have changed before they get to Canada. You´ll be fine.

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Your spouse/partner/wife is British which makes everything a whole lot easier. Gives you more optioons becaause no CVV required.

When applying you will have to be firm on your date of return to Canada.

You have to be sure of your time lines ie: medical/proof of no conviction certificates etc. these all have to be valid at time of COPR is issued and arrival in Canada.

Processing times for London is three to eight months then add two months for Mississauga CPC. Consider an average of seven months.

If you submit everything three months before you wed then after you wed and have her "B" number from London submit additional marriage/reception photos along with a new IMM 008 application form for her.

Welcome Home


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This information was helpful. At this point I can say the following: (Note that this is going through Paris since we are resident in Switzerland).

1.) We are crystal clear about the arrival date - August 24, 2007

2.) All the medical and police certificates have been received.

3.) We will emmigrate from Switzerland on June 23 (To no fixed address . . . . . ).

4.) On July 7, we will be married in Scotland.

5.) On July 10, we will commence a round-the-world honeymoon until August 24, when we will arrive in Vancouver (From USA).

We expect PR will be approved by early May.

Once we marry on July 7, we will not be reachable. We will have no phone, no computer, no fixed address. We will be homeless travelers. However, on July 12 - We will be in Paris for 1 day. This could allow for a visit to the Embassy.

Do you see any issues in this? We will not be able to really fill out any more forms or submit anything from July 10 - Aug 24. We will then land in Canada with all of our possessions which will have been shipped by sea.

Let me know your thoughts.

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You are slightly confused.

On the application you can put anyone´s mailing address and your coorespondence can be sent there. Hotmail/Yahoo/gmail/ etc. is accessable from anywhere. All you need to know is what they want or any additional information required.

How do you expect to Immigrate on June 23rd if you have not already applied? Or does that mean you will leave Switerland then?

If your lucky and approved by May you will still need to inform them of change in her status. The forms can be done from any internet cafe.

Wishing you all the best.


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