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Subject: Visa received
  Just to inform you that I received my passeport with my visa this morning from Abidjan-* Ivorycoast- Africa.

My timeline
May 2006 Application sent
MAY 2006 AOR and IA
June 2006. Medical request
august 2006. Medical done
Sept 2006 PPR
Oct 2006 Visa issued.
In all it took me 6 months to finalise my application for skilled worker immigration.
Thanks all for the advice and experience sharing.

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Congrats Leslie!!!

Some day I will report the same on this website!
Enjoy your new life in Canada!


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Congratulation to you!

Why did you case go through so quick? we have to wait for more than one year and still waitting. is it the same kind of case?

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Congrats, have a safe trip and "Welcome to Canada"

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can somebody be nice and answer my question?

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Because she applied from Africa.. are you thinking of doing this?
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I see, it is the first time i know that processing time has such different on regions.


Applying from USA HI Visa (in reply to: Visa received)
Whats the time line applying and living in USA H1 Visa.

I just got my file # after 5 weeks applying. I did send the IELTS and Fingerprints with the application. So basically I dont miss any document

Plse reply

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