Roy --- Urgent & Important Landing questions.

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Subject: Roy --- Urgent & Important Landing questions.
  I got my visa and I am planning to land shortly. I have following questions.

1) Can I land via Vancouver border(I am from N.California and this looks shorter distance from my place)?
2) Can I land via car(ground)? What about rental car?
3) What documents I need to take with me?
4) Do you know anyone who can help me to recieve my PR cards/documents and mail those to me back to USA safely?
5) How long I need to stay in Canada before I come back to USA?

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Anyone can land at any Port of Entry regardless of their mode of transport including feet.

If it is a major car rental company no problem depending on their own rental terms.

Your COPR and US status document.

Yes but I would have to ask them to receive your PR card and that would take time.

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