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Hi All,
I am entering into Canada around Thx giving. I have one question
1) When I send my papers 1st time, I put my port entry as Toronto, But I am thinking of entering into Canada by Ottawa, Can I do this ?

Your help is highly appreciated.

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Yes, you can land anywhere in Canada except Quebec.

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Bill is correct; anywhere but Quebec. Remember, though, if you are driving, you actually land at the border and not at either of the cities you mentioned (to land in either Toronto or Ottawa you would be flying in and landing in the airport, unless you are already in-Canada, which from your post I think you aren´t).
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Thanks Bill and wannabecanadian,Cool name :)
So if I am driving and entering into borders than does these borders are open 24 *7 ? I was thinking of entering on Sunday late neight.
-thanks in advance


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