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Subject: Spouse Immigration Rejected.
  My Spouse immigration application was recently rejected and I have been told that I did not informed Immigration when I got married and my Marital status was not changed earlier. But its clearly a miscommunication or lack of knowledge on my side, I did not tried to hide anything as I have used my actuall marriage date in the forms for over 10 times. I really did not had any idea that I had to inform CIC also when I get married.
But as now after 6 months my spouse application has been rejected and sent back to me, what are the further steps I should take, because I have to be with my wife and we cannot live apart from each other for a long time.

Kindly guide me. Thank You

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It is a draconian section of IRPA that may be won at appeal 117 (9) (d) the issue is when you got married etc. I suggest you contact someone that does Inland Immigration who is knowledgeable in appeals at the IAD.

Sorry for your troubles.


I think you are confused (in reply to: Spouse Immigration Rejected.)
If the file was sent back because of missing information it was not rejected. Did you actually get a refusal? or just got the entire thing back?
where did you apply?
Who is the sponsor? where is the person being sponsored?
need more details

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Dan rejected means refused. Regardless of anything when your status changes you must inform Immigration if you have an application in process and from Abrar posting it appears he could not part from his lover so he married at the last second thinking he would sponsor the partner later.

Now my concern is that CIC may come after Abrar to take away his PR for misrepresentation.

Dan trying to determine which visa post has rejected his spousal sponsorship application is not relevant.


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I received my landing papers last week and because of immigration status in USA I can´t leave USA for landing. But I am getting married in December 06.
My question is if I get married before landing do you think my status or if I sponsor spouse her status would be rejected?

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Yes it will be rejected and your PR status might be revoked and more likely you will be refuse at the port of entry.

If you get married before landing, you have to inform CIC before you depart the US.
CIC will give some forms to fill out, you´ll find the procedure very straight forward

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I think one of the reasons they do this is so Canada does not gain a citizen of convenience.
Abrar again (in reply to: Spouse Immigration Rejected.)
well, I am the Sponcer(canadian PR) and my wife is in England. I called CIC and all they told me straight forward is that I AM NOT ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR THIS PERSON FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE NOW.

they have closed the file. I got married on 3rd April and my Final Exams started n the middle of the month and went on for a week and then on 24th I had my PR oath, so every thing happened so fast that i did not realised that I need to tell any one about this.
Any way I am looking for a good lawyer who can advise me.
Thank you.

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