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Subject: Medical Result
Can someone give me an advice if i should or should´nt declare that i am PTB positive.I am planning to have my med exam next monday. I am undergoing treatment for 2 months now. Will they notice or will my X-ray shows that it still positive. Based from my recent X-Ray my lungs are clear now.I even ask my doctor if i will undergo sputum test it will turn negative. I am schedule to leave January if my everything will turn out okay.

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Hi ,
You should say that you had TB ,and you had treatment for 2 month. In addition you should say your the medicine that you took.Diagnose of TB is based on chest X-ray and positive sputum test and history of patients.No reason to lie .You are healthy ,because your result of your spotums were negative and you took medicine according to the special protocol for treatment of TB.I hope my respond is could helpful for you.

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