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Subject: Medical Rejection Issue

I´ve applied for my parents following with my sister as family sponsorship. As my sister has Mantal Retadation, so my family back home they received the letter from Immigration which I´m trying to encode here.
"I have received a medical notification stating that your dependent, Ms (My sister) has the following medical conditions "Mental Retardation-Mild"
She cannot read and write and has difficulty to recall and siple calculations. Her estimated IQ is 36. Her social and adaptive functioning is 6 years old"


Actually, its three page letter. The botom line is they rejecting her medical because they think she might needed medical assistance here or any special services.
"Might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social service"

They need further more documentation before the make final decicion.

I would like to know what steps should I´ve to take now?
Is there any appeal or any other way I can uplift my case?

Thank´s in advance for your inputs.



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not sure if you can appeal but the questions you might need to answer...
1) who will pay for the medical assistance she will need
2)who will look after her when your parents are to old to do so
3) who will financially look after her and support her after your parents die.

I suspect you are going to have to prove to CIC that the Canadian taxpayer will never have to accept those responsibilities before they will consider changing their ruling.

I am sorry this puts your family in such a difficult situation.

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