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Subject: Arranged Employement
  I am eagerly working on filling my immigration papares. (from India)
I work in an MNC who have branch office in Canada..

- If i were to request for a relocation of job thro´ my company, they ask me if I am legally permitted to work in Canada ( guess they refer to work permit or PR)

- on the other hand if i want to apply for PR and then request my compmany to process my job reloaction the application says its better to have arranged employment to score better.

- if i decide to find my own "arranged employment" thro´ placement agencies, ittakes svereal months for my PR to be processed hence i am afraid the employer in Canada may not wait for that long until my PR is granted...

PLease advice

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What is a MNC?

The issue is if there is a demand for your occupation and the company can arrange an intercompany transfer or offer a full time position or get you a WP based on their authorization to hire a foreigner.

Once you get a WP, etc and prove yourself to the company seek out a full time offer of employment and a PNP certificate.

Going the route of SW from India will give you grey hair.


Arranged Employement (in reply to: Arranged Employement)

Hello Roy,

Thank you for taking the time to clarify my query.
by MNC, i meant "Multi National Company".

Due to company policy, I cannot use my company name in forums. However I work for world´s number one computer manufacturer. I work for the services divison of our company.

What do you suggest is the best way to try for a PR ?

by the way can you also explain what is "PNP certificate" ?

Thanks and Regards

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