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Subject: Re-entry without PR card
  Hello everyone,

I am on F-1 visa in US and applied for OPT 2 weeks ago. My imm. visa was issued this summer. I still need to enter Canada for stamping.

Lucky me, I received two interview invitations from Canadian companies. I will use my imm. visa for the first one. However, CIC says that the PR card is mailed in 4 weeks. What are my options for re-entering Canada without the PR card for the second interview?

I know that I can get some sort of permission from the consulate, but it seems that it will take long time given that holiday season is approaching for US.

Perhaps, I can re-enter Canada from US without the PR card. Similar to re-entering US from Canada with an expired visa provided that your I-94 is still valid. Could I use my stampted paperwork at the border to show that I am an approved PR of Canada?

Any input is appreciated.

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Do nationals of your country require CVV to enter Canada? If your planning on living in Canada as a PR land and get your PR card then you have no worry about attending interviews for employment.


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I am not sure what CCV stands for. But, I would require a visa to enter Canada if I did not have my immigration visa.

I am interviewing with both US and Canadian companies and it is more likely that I will get an offer here in US. If I land and purely rely on Canadian companies for a full-time job, it is risky as getting an interview does not necessarily get me a job.

I want to complete my interviews as soon as I can. Landing and waiting for the PR card is a lenghty process. That´s why I am inquiring the ways that I can enter Canada without the PR card.

FYI, I read that if you drive your own car accross the border, PR card is not required; your paperwork will work just fine. I cannot do this as it would take me 3 days to drive to Ontario ;)

Thanks anyway,

That is why, I am trying to interview both at the same time.

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Rookie you can enter Canada with the automatic revalidation-30 day rule by car and return to US. I did that for my stamping earlier this year with an expired US student visa and valid I-20. I had the PR and SIN cards mailed to a friends house and then this was mailed to me in the US. Make sure you take your letter of standing from the office of student affairs , transcripts etc. At re-entry in to the US they will issue you a new I-94 with a required fee of $6.

I am in the same boat you are in and will be getting my OPT by January. The biggest dilemma I face is to whether to leave a US job opportunity that I have in hand and go and look for jobs in Canada. The whole H1 & green card process sometimes can take a long time and then if we are out for more than 3 years we lose the PR status in Canada too.

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About the driving part, take a flight to Detroit and then take a rental car to Ontario, Canada from the airport. Just let the rental car company know (in my case Alamo) that you are driving to Canada. There is no extra charge. To cross the Detroit Windsor tunnel it takes 15 minutes. Before you know it you will be in Ontario :)
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By the way make sure you go for stamping before your OPT card comes and before graduation. Once you are on OPT things might get complicated, re-entry may be difficult and you would need the US employers letter. Good luck!
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Actually I already have my OPT and the employment card in the US. I am landing in Toronto next month by air and I was told the auto validation rule will enable me to return to the US. I will need the letter from the employer, and get my valid I20 stamped, but re-enter the US on the expired F1 visa. Pls correct me if I am wrong.

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DSR you should be fine as you have an employers letter and stamped I-20. Just make sure that you have your original I-94 with you or give the US immigration officials a copy of your I-94 when you leave the US.

The advantage of driving across is that you don´t meet the US officials only the Canadian authorities/immigration officials at the border so there is no chance of the I-94 being taken away.

But I have also heard people who have flown and have had no problem. But like always as your school DSO should have mentioned traveling on OPT is a little risky but I guess being a Canadian PR could tilt things in your favor. Good luck!

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I did my landing in Feb-2005 with my family. I came back to US after 1 week. My daughter got the PR Card. However, the PR Office wanted us to visit one more time to take desired photo. We could not make to the appointment.

Now I am planning to go for good to Torontto. I have my IMM with me. I have completed appx. 2 years 1 month outside canada. Technically i should be 2 years out of 5 years after my landing. I think I should be okay.

Please advice, if the IMM is good enough for me drive to canada from border US State. What are the possible Q/A the iimigration authority might ask. Do I need "Travel Document" or my IMM should be good enough considering i will be driving across.

Please also let me know from where I should hire a one-way-car to reach toroto.

Please revert with your experince.

Thanks in Advice.


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