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Subject: work permit application
  I have been told that a job offer is imminent by a Canadian company, expected once the immigration details have been sorted and confirmed, I presume this mean the HRSDC approvement.

I believe I then will need to apply for a work permit.

The question I have, I want to apply for residency through the skilled worker program but not until I am in Canada, it takes too long outside, approximately 4 years for my country.

Should I reveal this when I talk to the immigration officers or would it harm my work permit application.

They state on the form that they want assurances that you will leave the country at the end of the permit, I would expect to have to apply for an extension before it ends as by that time I should be still waiting for the residency to complete.

The work will be in Ontario, not too far from Toronto.

Thinking of it though, the job offer will be a permenant one so it should be obvious anyway.

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If they want assurances that you will leave Canada at the end of your work permit, why would you tell them that you intend to do the exact opposite?!? I would say nothing about any PR application or such intent. Let one happen first, then work on the second.

Good Luck!


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You will be screened as a temporary resident, in your interview at the Canadian embassy the officer will ask you questions to make sure that you are going to leave Canada at the end of your permit.

If you mention that your intentions are to stay, your application more likely will be denied.

Now, the company who´s willing to hire you has to apply for the HRDC validation and then YOU apply for the work permit NOT the company.

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´Now, the company who?s willing to hire you has to apply for the HRDC validation and then YOU apply for the work permit NOT the company.´

Yes I know this, when I go to the emabassy, I need the WP form from the internet filled in, the job offer and the HRDSC file number, which the company should provide for me.

The job offer is for a permenant job and I will be applying for a temporary work permit. I would think that the embassy officer would realise that.

I would like to be 100% honest, but I don´t want to risk losing the job offer as they need someone by a specific time.

I just don´t know what the reaction would be to this type of thing. I would obviously request a WP extention a month before the first one expires whilst waiting for the PR application result.

If either the extention or PR application are turned down then I would have to leave the country and return home. That is what would happen and that is the assurance I could give.

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