PPR at last!!!!

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Subject: PPR at last!!!!
  Application submitted 30.12.2005
Processing started 30.01.2006
Interview scheduled for 15.06.2006
Medicals done 16.06.2006
Medicals sent to London 21.06.2006
Medicals received 26.06.2006
Additional docs requested by CIC 26.06.2006
Additional docs submitted 06.07.2006
POVL (PPR) signed 07.11.2006


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Congratulations! Best of luck in your new life in Canada!
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Now I have to decide to come by 15 of december or wait till after New year....

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Congratulations. Mid-December is holiday time here. So maybe it is good for you to show up after new year´s. In Russia New year´s is a bigger holiday than X-mas. so stay there and enjoy the festivities and then show up in Canada. Good luck....
right man
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thanks right man!
That´s what we are thinking of doing, but then there´s also the sales during this period and one can really take advantage of that, cos we´ll have to buy stuffs after landing. The holiday time can also be used for adaptation...
So we are thinking what´s the purpose in staying in a rather more expensive Moscow till after new year if we can be there? Why not use the rather quiet time to get to do necessary things at a slower pace?
To come by mid december or wait till after NY?
Any suggestion?

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Congrats Dude.........So it took 8 months for your processing


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