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Subject: Entering Canada for PR
I am in Toronto and planning to go to rainbow bridge (Niagara Falls) and make a reEntry to change my status to PR. I have a couple of questions:

1) What all documents I need to carry. Passport, COPR, Photos..anything else apart from these ?

2) Has anybody entered Canada via Rainbow bridge. If you can let me know the exact procedure and pass me the exact address (or any nearby address) so that I can get the map and follow it

3) Has anybody faced any problems while entering Canada? Do they ask too many questions ?

4) Do I need to give them a list of goods to follow ? As of now, I wouldn´t be carrying anything but may be in future when I go to india.

Thanks for your help...!

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To add further, as I am in Canada, Can I take bank statement or bank certificate, stating that I have enough money in bank account, with me as proof of funds ?
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You will need your passport, COPR. You won´t need any photos unless they have specifically asked for it. They already had mine, the ones I had sent earlier. You receipt from ATM should be enough for your proof of funds. I only had 4000 in my account and they were satisfied since I do have a job here. You will need to cross the border into US, get a refusal letter from the US checkpost and then make a u-turn back into Canada. Just tell the officer at US border that you need to make a u-turn back into Canada for your PR landing.

They immigration officer at Canadian check post won´t ask too many questions. I only spent 15 minutes there. It is a pretty straight forward procedure.

Good luck

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Yes, you must submit your goods to follow list; it must be very specific. If you bring in anything in the future that is not on the list, you will be taxed on the goods. It is very important to be thorough and give as much information as possible about what you will import at a later time. There is no time limit on when you can import your goods, but you must inform customs at the time of landing.
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Thanks guys, Will let you know once I am done :)
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