Transfered from Buffalo to L.A.

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Subject: Transfered from Buffalo to L.A.
  AOR August 2005
Two weeks ago I sent a letter to Buffalo to inquire about the status of my app since it´s been a long time since AOR. Well, yesterday I received a letter from Buffalo saying that my file has been transfered to Los Angeles, and that they will be assesing my documents. Also, they said not to update any address changes over eCas as it will not be downloaded to L.A. office. They gave me the L.A. Canadian consulate address and fax number and said that from now on I have to write to them if any questions, etc.
So, folks, what´s up with it??? Also get this: Me and my friend filed at the same time (August 05), had pretty much the same points (IELTS and stuff), and he ...... GOT HIS PASSPORT ALREADY STAMPED TWO WEEKS AGO!!!! And mine is being transfered all around the country. Why???? Any ideas? Im gonna be writing a letter to L.A. soon. Will let you know what they say.

P.S. To those folks who were so angry at me that I dared to disturb the peace of the mighty immigration officers: if I didn´t inquire I wouldn´t know. Learn from that!

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Anyway I think it is good news!
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