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Subject: Status update after getting married
  I am landed immigrant and currectly working in Ontario. I got married after becoming a landed immigrant.
1. Is it necessary to inform CIC about status change after becoming landed immigrant. Even if I am not sponsoring my spouse at the moment?
2. If yes, How would I inform CIC about my status change?
3. I got married outside Canada (after becoming landed immigrant). Is it necessary to inform immigration officer at the Port of Entry when you (without spouse) enter Canada?
4. At the international arrival they give you a form in which they DO NOT ask about your marital status. All you do is speak to a immigration officer and inform them about your visit.
5. I am considering to sponsor my wife next year. Do CIC care about the information you provide OR not provide about your status at the international Port of Entry.

I have researched CIC website, and apparently there are no guidelines available about such cases. This information is very important since there is no clear information/guidelines available.
I appreciate all forum experts in advance and would be great to provide references (if available) to your advises.

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You do not have to inform any CIC officer that your status has changed as long as you changed your status AFTER you became a PR.

You have to do so ONLY before you become a PR, once you do your landing procedure you have the right to marry who ever you want.

As PR, be aware that you may sponsor your wife only if you reside IN Canada.

You cannot sponsor any family member if you reside outside of Canada.

change marital status after becoming an immigrant (in reply to: Status update after getting married)

Five months after we became an immigrant we decided to get married.

how are we going to update our marital status? I keep on calling the cic hotline but it´s always busy.

do we need to surrender our PR Card so that it will be replaced (marital status & address & my last name) or can we keep our card as it is and just accompany with a marriage certificate whenever they need it.

It will be much appreciated if I will get a response in my email. thank you very much.

name change after marriage (in reply to: Status update after getting married)
Hi i am a permanent resident but recently got married.
Do i need to change my family name o
thanksn my permanent resident card with my husband`s family name? Does it also mean to change my pasaport family name?

farrah terce
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