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Subject: Address Question
I am suppose to enter into Canada this Thanks Giving .. and was wondering if I can give them address which is basically UPS Store address.. It will be somethink like this

"My address
280 Some avenue,Suite #100

Will be this OK ? When we get PR card does it say that It shouldn´t be forworded ?
This service is basically forwording service and they will just forword what ever I get on this address to My US address ?
Does this works fine ?

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Sounds to me like this address would be acceptable. Altho "Some avenue, Suite #100" doesn´t sound like a UPS Store address to me. They usually would have a post office box (PO Box) in their address, which probably would also be ok.
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I don´t think that they will send PR cards to a PO Box, I think it has to be an actual physical address. I think that supposedly UPS Stores do provide a "real" address, although don´t be surprised if the IO is aware of what you are providing (this is what they do for a living after all). Remember that the IO does have the right to refuse your address if he/she finds it suspicious or determines it isn´t your actual place of residence. If you do try to use the UPS address, I would advise being totally honest with the IO if it is questioned; otherwise you may jeopordize your PR. Rembember too that you don´t actually need your PR card until you are in Canada, and that if the address is refused, you can apply for your card when you actually move. This will not affect your PR in any way (you will have proof and your official number in your passport).

It seems to be a hot topic whether or not PR cards can be legally sent through the mail or not; it may just depend on your IO if you ask.

Let us know what you decided to do, and how it worked out. There are a lot of people wondering the same questions. Good luck, and happy landing! :)

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Hmm I didn´t know that Its OK to not have Address as I won´t be staying in Canada for a while. That leads to another question about SIN.
What are the documents they need for SIN ? Do I have to have my passport with me ? The reason I am asking is because I am going to US stamping and US Counsulate generally gives it back next day thats why!
Can I just go to SIN office and tell them my PR card number and that will serve my purpose ?
Also like PR card is that Ok if I don´t have my SIN now and will get it later when I will go to Canada for good ?
-Thanks in advance.

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You don´t need your SIN number now, either, unless you are looking for a job (and then, really, not until you actually take a job). We landed last month and were denied our address that we submitted (it was just a friend´s); the IO told us we don´t need either the PR card or the SIN until we are actually living in Canada. It makes sense, really. So don´t worry too much about it; if you land, you are a legal PR, cards or no cards. The important stuff will all be in your passport. :)
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