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Subject: Processing fees for Skilled Worker Immigration
Where can I find the details of HOW TO PAY the processing fee for Pakistanis for Independent skilled immigration? I know the amount but do not know the details of how to make bank draft and currency.

I would highly appreciate an early reply.

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It appears you must pay by bank draft.

In the Islamabad Visa Office Specific Instructions(, Page 6, it says:
"Consult the Fees section of our Web site or the Guide for Skilled Worker Applicants to calculate your fees. You must use a bank draft and pay the full immigration processing fee in Canadian dollars or Pakistani rupees. Write your name and address on the back. Make sure that you have sent the correct type of bank draft; otherwise, your application will be returned to you. Do not enclose cash."

You may also want to look at this document:

For more details you can either email The Canadian High Commission in Islamabad (, or call (92-51)227-9100

Good Luck!



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