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My family and I have been considering immigrating to Canada for sometime but are lost in the web of information and would be grateful for any clear, simple but detailed advice.

A little back ground first:

Under the Skilled Worker Self Assessment we come in at approx 67 to 69 points.

Wife will be main applicant - Fully qualified and massively experienced Chef, City and Guilds Quals two years of training post normal school education (NOC code 6241).

Self - A few ´O´ levels, 23 years in the British Army - started out as a Private and now Commissioned Officer (NOC code 0643). (I´m also a type one diabetic (less than a year) but have it fully under control).

3 kids but likely only the youngest would come with us, currently aged 11, others have just about flown the nest.

Money wise we are fine, enough to pay cash for a decent house plus I will have my army pension approx $18,000 - $22,000 CA per year (current exchange rates).

What would be our best route - Skilled Worker?
Do we need a consultant, how much is reasonable to pay?
How can we get UK quals transferred into Canadian quals?
How do we secure a job before having a work permit or even living in the country especially as the process of entering could be 24 months plus? - Wife would be looking at chef type work, I´m prepared to do anything and I mean anything to start with, although our long term aim is to be self employed.

We are thinking of Manitobia, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick or Saskatchewan - opinions on all would be useful.

I visited Canada on many occasions (all work related, but with a spot of traveling) my family have had one visit (Ontario as tourists) we are planning another visit next year...Iraq and Afghanistan permitting.

If we have no hope, please someone tell us, it may save us a lot of heart ache and a fair bit of cash.

Any advice is most welcome.

Many thanks


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Is your native language French or English?

If it is, then I wouldn´t bother getting a lawyer. Many of us go through the whole process and just re-read the instructions, help on forums like this one, etc. and save ourselves the money and feel slightly more control over the process instead of being at the hands of a lawyer.

Others may disagree.

Otherwise, apply as SW, and don´t apply for a job until that is secured. My suggestion

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there may be some provincial nominee options available to your wife - particularly in Alberta.

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