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Subject: spousal or dependent visa
  Hi guys, I´m an Indian student living in Uk. I came here with my girlfriend who was also on a student visa. After a year we both decided to go to Canada on students visa as it was deemed easy to get a PR and eventually the citizenship. Unfortunately for both us, she was granted the visa and I was refused. Since she got the visa and had to continue with her studies, we both decided to meet up in India after 10 days of her entering Canada and get married. We got married after 10 days of her entering Canada(she flew back to India and we got married there). Its been a year now and its tough being apart from her. We have hired a lawyer and I´m going to apply for a spousal or dependent visa.

WHat do you guys think are my chances of getting the visa? Is it easier to get a dependent visa. I´m showing all the photographs from the time we were dating, I´m also showing them the wedding pictures along with good money in both of our accounts and a property that i bought in India after we got married to show strong ties to India. We have also included declaration of support from both of our parents.If you guys can share any of your experiences, advice or opinions, it will be deeply appreciated. Its difficult to be away from my wife especially when she´s all alone in a huge place like Canada. Tahnk You guys and please give me some good news. Take care.

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