When Police Clearance is Required ?

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Subject: When Police Clearance is Required ?
  1. When Police Clearance is Required ? [While Applying or They specifically ask you to do that.]

2. I need police clearance from only one country, But my question here is How long is this police clearance is valid ? [Incase I get it today and apply in jan that is 2 months from now... is that ok ?]

3. Do I need to attach police clearance photocopy / [stamped on passport] or it has to be directly submitted to CIC ?


Police Clearances (in reply to: When Police Clearance is Required ?)
Noramlly police clearances are good for six months. You should submit them with your application. If you are filing an outside Family Class application check the Region Specific forms for the country from which you´re applying for more specific information on what is required for your application.
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