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  Dee, will it be possible to send your son to your home country just to finish his HS? I believe you have bunch of relatives back there for him to live with. If repeating is uncomfortable for him, maybe he can try to face another challange and then he could go to canadian college.
I was an exchange student for a year in Kansas High School, and I held J-1 visa. If you mentioned about this situation 6 months ago, you would probably try to send your son to be a foreign exchange student just to pursue his HS diploma.

goodluck for you & your family in canada. keep sharing experience to us in the forum. I´m waiting for my miracle here.

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Actually my son himself has no problem repeating grade 12. He is cool; it´s me and my husband who are trying to find some way to save it. But all said and done, we will just go through it, we agree it would be better in the long run. I will surely let you´ll know how it goes once we land next month!
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I would strongly encourage you to let him repeat the grade 12. The final year of school is all about preparing for the following September and perhaps a college education.

It is about grad final exams etc. To give your son every possible advantage for college - a full year of Canadian highschool would be in his best interests.

There is no stigma to being one year older. My friend form this forum just arrived in October from Turkey with his daughter. She was finished school in her home country but it became apparent that college was a long shot unless she could get her curiculum to Canadian exam standards. She is bright, social and in no way stupid. The school tested her and placed her in grade 11. She did not even have a choice about which grade (and this could be your reality as well- our curiculums are different).

It is proving to be the best thing that could have ever happened. she is making friends, getting used to the city, learning about the college options... without the time pressure she would have been facing had they placed her in grade 12.

In this case... I would suggest your son has the right perspective.

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Thank you, everyone for your valuable input. We feel so much better on this decision now...
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