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Subject: Sharon please advice.
  Hi Sharon I will be travelling to vancouver with my wife and a year and half old kid during Feb 07. Could you please give me one of your wise advice as to what I need to prepare before I leave. I am looking for accomodation in Vancouver and came across many sites. Have you hear of Arabelle appartments. What do I expect at the vancouver customs/ immigration and what do I have to prepare with.
Is it necessary that I bring a list right away for things that will follow later as I plan to land only for 30 days or so for PR card and other formalities and return. I will return for good after a year is it ok if I give the list of things to follow at the customs at that point of time

Your reply appreciated

God bless

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sorry... don´t know about the Arabelle. As you may already know, housing availability is tight and expensive. $1,000 a month does not buy you much. My friends that just landed chose to live in Richmond but he is facing a 1 hour commute to downtown. It is a lifestyle and cost of living trade off.

I am not familiar with the landing procedures.

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