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Subject: do i need a job

I am a permanent resident of canada living in canada. I DO NOT have a job yet. Can i sponsor my spouse without a job. I can show substantial funds in my bank account.



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Hey,,, why dont you have a job? Thats scary... Is the situation so bad?
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Sounds the employment chances are too low !!!!!!


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So, ..besides debating the (un)employment situation in Canada, does a Canadian PR need to be employed in order to sponsor a spouse?


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I knew that varies from province to province. I heard last time that you have to have some income atleast, no matter how much. But bank balance doesn´t work for sure.

Mr. Hotobhaga, are u from bengal? Then may communicate me at about Canada.

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thanks for the replies though. I dont know if someone could tell me that for sure, if a job requirement is there.
the application guide says that an income requirement is there if the dependents I am sponsoring have other dependents.

SHARON ... would you happen to know about this. All help is appreciated,

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why not live on employment assistance?
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coz if you take employment assistance .... you are not allowed to sponsor anyone.

I will post the question as a new thread.

We are diverting from my main question.


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