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Subject: Landing procedure
When I landed the Customs officer saw me holding my CORP and he asked me Are you landing? and I said yes.

He took my CORP and asked if there was anything arriving (goods) later and I said no.

He stamped one of the copies of my CORP and he said. Please go there (he pointed an office) and talk to Immigration.

I got into the office and there was a lady wearing a similar uniform that said Canada Immigration in the front.

She took my CORP and Passport , checked a few things in the computer and asked me if I have been in Canada before , I said yes, she asked me if I have ever been involved in any criminal activity and I said NO.

She asked how much money I had, I said **** this much and she maked me sign in a couple different spots on my CORP, she asked my for my address, I gave it to her and after 7 minutes being there the Immigration officer stamped my Passport and my corp, looked at me and while she was handing my Passport back to me, she was saying "Welcome to Canada".

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hehehe.. so nice to read this...
Keep such good words going friends... We need +ve energy.


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Fool procedure
Landing procedure (in reply to: Landing procedure)
Hi Joe:

Congratulations on becoming Canadian PR.

1. I dont have any relative or fiend in Canada. What Canadian address should I give?

2. Can we immediately enter US after getting the CORP stamped if one has a US work visa. If so, how many days do we have before we should enter Canada again to avoid loosing the PR.



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