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Subject: Question for Roy (Employment) 2
  Hello Roy! Thanks for your previous answer!

I´m more interested in knowing if by the time I have to attend the interview, the fact that I have now a work permit and my employer willing to make it a permanent job, will those things work as a proof of funds or do I have to still show them the money in the interview? I know that when you have a job in Canada, by the time of landing you don´t need to show the proof of funds, but how about the interview when they haven´t made any decision yet?

What I´ve read is that you need to have the arranged employment at the time you apply, but I didn´t have this back then when I applied. I didn´t think it was going to take this long, and I didn´t know I had to attend an interview and that it was to take more than 1 year to be scheduled.

Thanks a lot for your help, I´m sorry to bug you!

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Common sense will prevail. If your working in Canada on a work Permit on the date of your interview you have established yourself. Hence little if any need to show the required funds.


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Thanks again Roy!
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