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Subject: proof of marriage question
Hello am apply for PR am original from Nigeria myself and my husband never got married through a court or church however we have been together for over 31 yrs and have 6 children. My question is how do we prove marriage. We only did our traditional wedding.
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I believe Canada treats a married spouse and a common-law partner equally.

How can you prove it? After 31 years of living together there must be some pretty extensive proof at hand.. The 6 children are proof, family pictures throughout the years are proof, anything that you share on paper or otherwise is proof, just to list few. Experienced forum readers may give you more input on this.

Good Luck!


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I am not sure about you country, but in mine, birth certificates list both the father and mother.. But as Uniden says, you should have lots of proof of a 31 year relationship.

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