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Subject: Workpermit for Spouse PR Application Familyclass
Hello!I am from Austria.(Austrian Citizen) My Husband is Canadian.We are living in Alberta.We just applied for my Permanet Resident C.
I just wanna no how long does it take till i can work legally (get my workpermit)
Thanks Manuela.

Work permit for Spousal PR Ap (in reply to: Workpermit for Spouse PR Application Familyclass)
With an inland application you can apply for a work permit once you receive AIP (Approval in Principal). Currently this is taking approximately 9-10 months, and then add the processing time for the work permit application to your timeline to know when you can actually get a job and go to work. (If you plan ahead it is possible to include an application for an Open Work Permit with your PR ap - in that case they will automatically issue the OWP with AIP, significantly shortening the time frame. This is something you should do if you expect your legal status to expire during processing.) If you´re filing an outside application you cannot work until after you are granted Permanent Resident status.

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