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Subject: Received PPR
  Received PPR for self and family today from Buffalo for Skilled Worker category.

Looks like they are pretty fast these days.

Application sent : 19-Sep-2005 (With IELTS)
AOR received : 06-Oct-2005
IA received : 20-Sep-2006 (Dated 08-Sep-2006)
Medicals done : 16-Oct-2006
Medicals reached : 26-Oct-2006
PPR received : 01-Dec-2006

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CONGRATS BigB to your early X-Mas present!!!

I can only imagine how you must feel. Guess what.. Some day you will congratulate me too :)

Come back and tell us about your landing experience.

Best luck to you and your family!!!


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IT IS A Good News for you, Hope my ture is not so far.
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that´s pretty smooth, good for ya..
I did my medical Sep 23..
still waiting for PR..
are you in Canada or U.S?

departure bay
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Thanks Uniden, wang and DB

I´m in US and applied at Buffalo. Hope to see all of you getting what you are waiting for!

I haven´t yet sent our passports. will be sending in a day or two after making sure they are not and will not be needed for any purpose in the next 3-4 weeks (Isn´t it the approximate time they take to return your passports with Visa?)

Will definitely come back and tell my landing experience. I don´t think I´ll be landing during the winter though (In case they give me until fall next year, which will be the anniversary of my medicals)

Good luck to you all.

anybody knows how much does it take for them to send PPs back?

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for some reason, I found out in Canada people, a lot of them still have nothing yet.
But anyway, I guess this is a great gift for Christmas

departure bay
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