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Subject: problem with landing paper

Is it possible to restore the PR status and enter to Canada if the people only hold Imm1000 (landing paper) without the PR card?
We landed in Canada 6 years ago and left there a few months later. Now we?d like to return to Canada.
Thanks in advance,

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Bonnie your in a mess as you already know.

The only way is to obtain a (SINGLE ENTRY) US visitor Visa if your not an American citizen and have someone drive you across the border from the states.

If they stop you and it is an if depending on how your all dressed, age etc. you must say all the right things and have a GOOD counsel who is used to doing admissabilty hearings/appeals etc. already retained.

CIC/CBSA will have to prove that you have been out of Canada too long at the POE and at a hearing and there are ways of make that very difficult for them.

Go find yourself a very good counsel who has experience presenting cases at the Immigration Appeal Division. Ask to speak to his/her former clients.

Wish yopu the best of luck.


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Bonnie I would say just stay where you are and find out where Clyde went.... so you can hook up again and re-form the bandit group Bonnie ´n Clyde. Let me tell ya Canada is kinda cold and very interesting right now. Good luck finding Clyde.
Right Man
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Bonnie - from what I understand you have to be present in Canada for two years out of every five year period to maintain your Permanent Resident status. If you landed six years ago and only stayed a few months it would seem that you´ve probably lost your status. I´d check with CIC or an immigration attorney.

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status gone, well, lawyer makes miracle... go for it and spent some $$$$

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