How does CIC decide on your permit/visa?

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Subject: How does CIC decide on your permit/visa?

I´m just a bit puzzled by this,

We had an Iranian post doc fellow who stayed here in Canada for a year (2004-2005). We had another Iranian (a Ph. D. student doing part of his thesis) who worked here for 6 months (Jan-June 2006).

The third Iranian we had was another Ph. D. student doing part of his thesis here (same as the second Iranian guy). He came here in July this year. When he applied for his work permit (that´s what they give these guys doing a part of their thesis here - a work permit, not a study permit), he was given just 3 months. He´s supposed to be here for 9 months. He applied for an extension of his work permit when he got here and he was given just an additional 3 months.

How do CIC officers decide on that? I´m not sure if they actually do a background check but if they do, what determines how long you´ll be given? It seems pretty illogical to give a guy 3 months when you can´t very well do a lot of laboratory work in just 3 months.

If they don´t do an actual background check, what do they base it on? First impression? First impression of what? Your looks, how well you speak english, your smell?

Or is CIC getting more strict with Iranians?

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It sounds to me like it has more to do with what country he is from and all the conflict going on at the moment.
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