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Subject: Application returned
  Hi everybody,

We sent spousal sponsorship application (outside Canada) 6 weeks ago and it returned to us from CPC Mississauga indicating ONLY that we forgot to sign one form. We signed it and mailed it back, but does this mean that we have to wait another 6 weeks again or we´re back in the que? And does this mean that the sponsorship eligibility has been approved or refused??? Because they didn´t mention anything else except the missing signatures.

Please advise...

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Your application has not been approved or refused (yet). Having your application returned means only that the application was incomplete as sent.

Do you have to wait until you are in the queue?
It depends:
1) CIC has said in the letter that a file was created and they gave you the number, probably at the top/right of the letter. In this case you are already in the queue.
2) CIC´s letter does not mention a file number, meaning you will receive a file number only after your application is being checked for intergrity and found to satisfy the minimum requirements to enter processing.

Simply said: Does the letter have a file number?
YES - You are in the queue
NO - Resubmit application, you are not in the queue yet.

Good Luck!


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That happened to me. I did not get the letter indicating my application was received until after I sent the corrections.
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Thank You Uniden.
I appreciate that.

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Yes my wife did get a client ID No.

Btw, does anybody know how long it took them to reply to resubmission?? It´s been 2 weeks already and no word from the immigration yet. Should i be worried? (This can be so frustrating)

Thank You...

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