could somebody help me with this? Roy maybe

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Subject: could somebody help me with this? Roy maybe
  I finished my medical on Sep 2006.
no interview letter or waive letter was sent to me?
The only thing Buffalo sent me is Medical form with my photo on that.

I received my CAIPS.

medical stage validity M01, 27-09-2007..
/SECURITY is 1...
BDEC 1. June 9th, 2005..

I emailed Buffalo and they replied me with this.

Please be advised that your application is in process, however we are unable to provide an exact date when a final decision will be made. Canadian Consulate General Immigration Section ....

Roy, is that possible that background check finished before IA?
I have lived in Canada for half decade on study/work permit after I turn 19.

why still delays?
I mean security, background check, medical all past.1...

maybe quota??????
or is that because I applied as single? while I actually have a single mom girlfriend with kid here in Canada, not common law though.

Will that affect my application?
My girlfriend does not know that I am on visa, might confuse her.

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Take it easy! THE END IS NEAR!

The background checks are three fold. CSIS, Fingerprints and inside Canada Foss checks which take just a minute to ensure that you have no reports/allegations written against you on file.

It is nice that you have met a Canadian lady but irrelivant to your applications. Treat her nice or we might meet one day and I´m scarier then those guys in Buffalo.

RELAX YOU SHOULD HAVE A VERY NICE CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Buy the child a big toy and be happy.


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thank you Roy...u are very nice..I have no problem recommend you, maybe you should be next CIC minister.

I met my gf in the gym, she was always wondering why I do not like living together and then she and her kid could use my company benefit (dental, medical).

I am more than happy to do so, but I did not tell my gf that I do not wanna let CIC found out, then delay my process..


the funny thing is I was never asked to sumibt RCMP fingerprint, without form, I could not do so....
Do they usually ask us to do RCMP check?

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