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  Dear John

You will have to show many things that could be difficult depending on which province you pick. Where your money came from and two years business experience out of the last five etc.

If you put down you where residing in lets say the states you will have to obtain proof of no convictions which should be easy but you need to read the manuals inside out and backwards before you spend money and time on your application.


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Hey Roy,
Thanks for the advice. My wife will be making the application in her name,she will be able to prove where she has worked and that she has the relitive buisness expierence, i was just wondering if my past would be a stumbling block?
What manuals were you referring to above that i should read?
thanks for any help you can give

John Doe
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John Doe,

Here is the link for the manuals Roy was referring to:



PS - Your past will not be a stumbling block, UNLESS you were arrested and have a criminal record.

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