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Subject: Job Hunting in Canada

I got my PR approved recently and am planning to move to Toronto by Jan end. As a beginning, I have been posting my resume at monster and workopolis and also to some consultant sites I found. But so far I haven´t got any response at all, probably because I am not in Canada.

Any one went through similar situation? Any advise/suggestions? I would atleast like to line up some interviews before I land, so that I don´t have to warm the bench for long :-)


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which professional you are?
You got Education and Experience from either CAN or the US?
if NO, then count at least 1 year if you are unlucky.
Canadian employers rarely emply people who dont have CAN or US degrees.

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Depending on your profession and factors that the above poster mentionedjust posting on workopolis etc does not work.

But what you can do to improve your chances are:

1) Try and call the companies/hiring officer/HR department to follow up on all applications.

2) Try and use a local Canadian address on all resumes (get a friends, relatives if possible). While scanning resumes some employers just reject out of country applicants.

3) Try and get a virtual Canadian phone number (internet phone, vonage etc). Give this to prospective employers.

Good luck !!!

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Thanks for the response.

To answer the questions, I am an IT professional with 6 years US experience (toal 10 years experience). I am already giving a Canadian address, but not phone. Canadian phone - guess thats a good idea. Let me check that out.

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check it out!!! It´s the only company ever to be sponsored by Donald Trump...EVER!! On top of that people from other countries seem to make the most money out of it so it would be an awesome opportunity! The website is We hire anyone who is interested so check it out and if you feel like posting the url totally go to town on it.
Dan Willis
Harry Check it out (in reply to: Job Hunting in Canada)
Harry this company offers the best phone rates local/long distance with free calling anywhere in the U.S. and Canada if they sign up under the plan as well. Check it out you honestly won´t find a plan any cheaper and I find the service is way better than anything I have received from Bell or Roger´s (the main Canadian providers)
Dan Willis
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