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Subject: FBI Finger Prints
I have applied for canadian immigration, my question is that i lived in US for 2 years and now i am living in my home country. i have mis used the credit cards when i was leaving US. Now i need FBI finger prints. does it effect my recored. your reply will be highly appreciated.

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Relax and get your fingerprints. You didn´t get arrested, did you?!? If you did it would complicate things. If you didn´t, then relax, you prints are likely clean.

You remind me of a friend, who knew that he will have to leave the US. He had good credit before he left, tons of credit cards.. Just days before he left he came to me and asked "Do you need anything, like a TV, refrigerator, etc., for 1/2 price?". I didn´t, but other friends did.. He "emptied" his credit cards, got cash from the friends for the items and left without ever paying the credit card bills. Seems common practice among aliens departing the US for good. Too bad....


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Thanks for your positive reply Uniden. I didn´t get arrested dude. Best of luck to all the guys who are waiting for thier PR´s.


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